Links Manager

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Small and medium-sized businesses rely on link building through reciprocal links and one way links to brand and build their site's traffic. When you exchange links and build one-way links naturally with Links Manager your link popularity rises, directly improving your search rankings, returns and traffic. LinksManager is more than the world's leading link management program, it also generates one-way Links by naturally attracting link requests from relevant link partners - giving you total control over which incoming links you link back to.

Web Links provides a comprehensive way to post links on your site. All links are nodes, which can be put into taxonomies/categories and administered. The most common options are set by default so the module should work well right out of the box. However, there is a great deal of customization that may also be done to make the installation fit your needs. Additionally, a variety of blocks may be enabled (see below).

The Link Validity Checker feature will check links during a Cron run to see if they are still valid. You may have the module update any links that are marked as moved and unpublish links that have returned an error twice in a row.

A separate filter module (distributed with the package) may be used to easily insert links into other content.