Status reporting and Project tracking

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Project status reporting is a project communication management process found in several project management guides including the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Project status reports often use a subjective "traffic light" reporting format that depicts the project status with a green, yellow, or red status.

There are several challenges with subjective status reporting including:

  • Status is open to interpretation based on the project managers judgement.
  • A project can report GREEN every week and then suddenly go RED the week before a launch date.
  • Lack of visibility into milestone trends and overall project progress.
  • Subjective status reports can be rationalized to a GREEN status to avoid alerting senior management.

If you've been delivering projects for a some period of time, We're sure you can relate!

Experienced project managers will tell you the ideal status report would include both subjective and objective metrics to accurately report project status. However, gathering objective metrics takes a lot of time as it usually involves designing a metrics collection process that is a challenge to follow.